October Term                                                              14th Day of Term                                                                        December 1, 2016

Commission in session pursuant to adjournment at the Courthouse
in Bowling Green, County of Pike, State of Missouri;
Chris Gamm, Presiding Commissioner
Curt Mitchell, Associate Commissioner, Eastern District
Jim Luebrecht, Associate Commissioner, Western District
Chris Gamm called the meeting to order at 09:03 AM; Curt Mitchell moved to accept the Agenda as presented, Jim Luebrecht seconded the motion. Mitchell yes, Luebrecht yes, 
and Gamm yes.   Motion carried.

Unfinished/New Business
*  Reviewed accounts payable
*  Jerri Harrelson, Circuit Clerk stopped in regarding employee luncheon.
*  Discussed grader options.  Either to extend warranty or purchase.
*  Justin Sheppard was appointed to the NECAC Board and Chris Gamm will be on the Port Board for 2017.
*  Janice Robinson with NECAC stopped in to discuss board members and what they need for paperwork.
*  Patti Crane, Treasurer, stopped in to give report on bank account balances.
*  Sean O'Brien and Harry Grote with Road and Bridge stopped in to discuss bridge project 2530081, discussed removing bridge project on CR 124 from the list, and
​    discussed parts needed for the grader.  CR 219 and Ashburn is on the schedule to fill potholes.  Discussed grader trade-in amounts.  Discussed chipper & spreader
​    replacement.  Can get used one for $2000.00 from Epperson.
*  Commissioner Mitchell moved to purchase cinder bed for $2000.00 from Richard Epperson, seconded by Jim Luebrecht.  Vote was yes, yes, and yes.
*  Al Murry stopped in to update the commission on permits that he is working on.  Discussed withdrawing offer of the generator to the Elks building or to give a
    deadline on getting it hooked up.  Commission agreed to put a deadline and send a letter to the Elks.
*  Commissioners Mitchell and Gamm attended the TAC meeting.  They discussed the TAP program and if any changes to the transportation prioritization list was needed.

There being no other business before the County Commission at this time, the meeting thereupon was adjourned until, December 5, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.                         

Submitted by: Melissa Kempke County Clerk   

Chris Gamm, Presiding Commissioner
Curt Mitchell, Eastern Commissioner    
Jim Luebrecht, Western Commissioner